Apple Announces Oceanic+ App Now Available for Apple Watch Ultra

The Oceanic+ app is now available for the Apple Watch Ultra, according to an announcement made by Apple today.The app was created by Huish Outdoors and Apple as a dive computer for recreational scuba diving at depths of up to 40 meters (130 feet).

On the Apple Watch Ultra, there is already a basic Depth app that lets you see your current depth, maximum depth, water temperature, and time spent submerged.The Oceanic+ app is a useful tool for scuba divers looking for more advanced data.

Oceanic+ shows the diver’s current depth, dive time, no-decompression time, water temperature, time to surface, maximum depth, ascent speed, battery level, gas mix (up to 40% air or Nitrox), and more.Safety stop guidance, excessive ascent rates, and no-decompression limit warnings are also color-coded in the app.

Haptic feedback and watch face complications for no-fly time, surface time, quick access to the dive planner, dive settings, current elevation, maximum elevation permitted, and a quick access button back into the app are additional features of the app.
Apple-Watch-Ultra-Oceanic-App-2The application is accessible on the Application Store and requires an Apple Watch Ultra running watchOS 9.1 or later matched with an iPhone 8 or later running iOS 16.1 or later.The free basic plan of the app includes a log of the most recent dives, depth, and time, among other common dive functions.For $9.99 each month or $79.99 each year, clients gain admittance to decompression following, tissue stacking, limitless logbook limit, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

A summary of the user’s dive profile and GPS entry and exit locations are displayed on the watch following a dive.Post-dive summaries, tides for the next three days, and more are available in a companion Oceanic+ app for the iPhone.

Apple advises divers to always adhere to diving protocols, dive with a buddy, and carry a backup device.Oceanic-Plus-App-iPhone

Apple says to always follow diving protocols, dive with a companion, and have a secondary device.

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