iCloud for Windows Users Complain of Corrupted Videos, Photos From Strangers

Some users of Apple’s iCloud for Windows software are complaining on the MacRumors forums that corrupted videos and images from unknown sources are appearing in their Photo Libraries.

Customers have voiced a few concerns regarding issues they are experiencing with the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro models.Videos that were taken on an iPhone and then synced with iCloud for Windows are turning black and showing scan lines, making them unwatchable.


Worryingly, when some users attempt to watch corrupted videos, they are seeing strange images and videos that do not belong to them in their libraries.Sleeping_ghost, a reader of MacRumors, explains:

Videos taken with an iPhone 14 Pro Max that were recorded using iCloud for Windows are being corrupted, resulting in scan lines and black videos.It occasionally inserts stills from unidentified sources into videos, possibly from other iCloud accounts.I have been shown photos of soccer games, random photos, and photos of other people’s families that I have never seen before.This obviously concerns me a great deal and does not exactly make me feel secure using iCloud.

Although it does not appear to be the case, it is possible that the photos are those of other iCloud users.From the string, clients have seen arbitrary families, kids, soccer matches, and other comparable photograph content.

Since a number of people have reported the problem to Apple, the company may be aware, and deleting the iCloud for Windows app does not appear to resolve the issue.It appears that Windows 11 and Windows 10 are both affected, though it may only be affecting devices with certain settings enabled, such as HDR and HEVC.

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