Mondo Announces Collectible Vinyl Soundtrack for Apple TV+ Series ‘Severance’

The exclusive vinyl soundtrack for the first season of the Apple TV+ series Severance was announced today by the collectibles company Mondo.The vinyl comes in two variants, each with distinctive artwork, packaging, and merchandise, and both will be available for purchase on Wednesday.

Theodore Shapiro’s season one soundtrack and Greg Ruth’s artwork are included in the $60 first edition, which is referred to as the “Innie Edition.”This is a numbered edition of 5,000 copies, printed on black vinyl, and it comes packaged in a folder designed to resemble what the characters would carry during the show.

In addition, the Innie Edition includes a Lumon disco bag, four character cards, a hidden map of the severed floor, an Eagan bingo sheet, a Music Dance Experience card, and a record safety card.


The second version, which sells for $35 and goes by the name “Outie Edition,” is a more basic model that doesn’t come with any extra merchandise.It also includes Greg Ruth’s artwork and Theodore Shapiro’s season one soundtrack, and it is pressed on white vinyl.The first pressing will be packaged in a 3/4 reverse board slipcase and housed in a spot varnish gatefold sleeve with a printed inner sleeve.

On Mondo’s record shop website, both versions of the Severance season one soundtrack will go on sale this Wednesday at 12 p.m. CT.


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