Price of Skydio 2+ increases significantly

The Skydio 2+ announcement came just a day after I dropped my 2022 drone predictions. In them, I suggested a new Skydio drone would come soon. That speculation was fueled primarily because of the company’s eye-popping holiday promo, where it was selling the Skydio 2 Starter kit at a $400 discount, bringing the formerly $1,349 drone + accessory kit down to just $949. Nothing like an inventory offload to welcome in a fresh batch of drones.

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The announcement also aligns with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is the world’s largest trade show and is being held this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. Among the other drone highlights of CES: The Drone Racing League (DRL) is set to host its DRL Algorand World Championship Season 2021-22 finale race tonight at an outdoor course along the Las Vegas strip at T-Mobile Arena.

Drones are getting smarter all the time. Take the Skydio 2 drone for instance: it is an AI drone that turns you into an expert pilot. It uses the NVIDIA Tegra X2 as its brain. This quadcopter has max speed of 36mph. It comes with a 4K / 12MP camera and 27-min battery life. It uses on-board AI for 360-degree obstacle avoidance.
The Skydio 2+ combines with your smartphone for easy control. With its six 4k 200° navigation cameras, this quadcopter can understand the world around it and fly safely even in GPS-denied environments. It is ready for Skydio 3D Scan & Cloud, so you can use it for inspection, search & rescue, and security applications.