These iPhone Apps Offer Live Notifications for Sports, Parking, Flights, and More

In September, iOS 16.1 included support for third-party apps’ Live Activities.On the Lock Screen or in the Dynamic Island, this feature lets iPhone users keep up with real-time events like a sports game or a food delivery order.

Live Activities are essentially notifications that are displayed in real time on the iPhone’s Lock Screen and provide quick access to information.On the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, the Dynamic Island also displays live activities.To view additional information, you can long press on a Live Activity in the Dynamic Island.

Five iPhone apps with Live Activities support for sports scores, parking, flights, and more are highlighted below.



The FotMob app can be used to track live scores of matches throughout the FIFA World Cup, which is currently taking place in Qatar.Open the FotMob app, tap on a current match, and then tap on the star in the top-right corner to accomplish this. A live scoreboard will appear on the Lock Screen and Dynamic Island as a result of this.

Sports Alerts


In addition to the World Cup, the Sports Alerts app can be used to monitor live scores from numerous other sports leagues, such as the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA for basketball and football.Open the Sports Alert app, tap on an active game, select Start Live Activity by tapping the three dots in the upper-right corner.A live scoreboard with play-by-play action will appear on the Lock Screen and Dynamic Island as a result of this.


ParkMobile-Live-ActivitiesIn parking lots that support the ParkMobile app, you can monitor how much time remains before your payment for your spot expires.



Flighty allows you to see a flight’s status right on the Lock Screen and Dynamic Island, including arrival and departure times, gate changes, delays, and more.


Using the Citymapper app, you can track public transportation on the Lock Screen and Dynamic Isla


nd. This includes getting step-by-step walking directions to a station or stop, when the next departures are, how many stops are left, when you should arrive, and more.

More Apps Last month, we provided a list of more than two dozen applications that support Live Activities.Apple also showed off Live Activities support for Uber, Starbucks, and Nike Run Club, but none of those applications have been updated to include it yet.

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