10 tips to teach you how to check your laptop when you received it

If you don’t know that whether your laptop is good in quality and without any problems when you received it, these 10 tips can help you.


1. Do not unpack the notebook violently when unpacking, to avoid damage. When you got the notebook, don’t plug in the power supply, don’t turn it on!

2. Check whether there is someone else’s fingerprint on the shell, and judge whether the machine is new or second-handed! Remember to take a photo as your certificate.

3. Turn on the computer without connecting to the power, you can press the power button directly to see if the computer can start by itself! Under normal circumstances, the machine should not be turned on without plugging in the power supply.

4. After booting, check if there is a boot guide. Generally, a new machine will have this step after booting. Of course, this is not applicable to all machines. It is not so absolute.

5. There are also settings for some privacy options, which are what the new machine should have before it is turned on for the first time.


6. Regarding the appearance of the machine, check whether the ports are aligned, which means whether the USB flash drive can be inserted and charged smoothly.

7. Check whether there is a sudden power failure and black screen during use, the screen flickers irregularly, or the sound of the fan is too loud, a bit harsh, or even the battery bulge, etc. If this phenomenon occurs, it is best to contact the after-sales service immediately and apply for a replacement.

8. Check whether there are small dots of different colors on the screen. You can choose a pure color background (black, white, blue, etc.) and adjust the screen brightness to the maximum. Observe carefully to see if there are other residual pigments on the screen.

9. Regarding the keyboard, the most commonly used one is to test whether the typing is smooth and whether the feel is consistent. Also note that if there are any keys suddenly stuck, it is recommended to test the Enter key, Shift key, and the space bar more.

10. Finally, for the touchpad. You can test its scrolling. When browsing files, use the touchpad to slide up and down to see if it goes smoothly. Will the browsed file page bounce automatically? Click a few more to see the response.

I hope these tips could help you.