3 advantages and 2 disadvantages of iPhone, do you agree with me?

If you are going to buy an iPhone recently to replace your Android phone, the advantages and disadvantages of switching from Android to Apple must be considered in advance.


Advantage 1: Smooth

Apple’s smoothness is mainly manifested in the opening speed and running of the software. The details of the iOS system are really good. There is basically no delay when opening the software, and the smoothness of Android depends on the processor support, and the processor will be stuck when the processor is out of date. Now, look at Apple, the iPhone 6s is still smooth in daily use!

Advantage 2: No Ads

This is especially obvious. When the Android phone is left for a long time and then turned on, the first message is never the person you care about, but the system pop-up window. A large amount of useless information is ready to encroach on your time, while this case will never happen on the iOS system, except for the downloaded third-party software pop-up windows, the interface is always clean!

Advantage 3: Photography

The most valuable thing about Apple in taking photos and videos is reality! Apple’s original camera has also become one of the important references for netizens in beauty pageants. Compared to the Android phones that comes with retouching, pictures taken by iPhone still looks more natural!


Disadvantage 1: Signal

I have to say that Apple’s signal is really inferior to any Android device. Normal daily use is okay, but it won’t work when it comes to remote places such as the basement, especially when paying bills, which is too embarrassing.

Disadvantage 2: Battery life

Battery life has always been a headache for Apple fans. What’s more worrying than choosing what to eat is that the iPhone is running out of power, especially in the above-mentioned underground places, where there is no power and no Internet. Compared to Apple’s performance breakthroughs, everyone cares more about when will the battery life be longer!