99% of people still don’t know the 10 hidden tips of AirPods!

1. You can check the real-time battery level of your iPhone

Homepage—Leftmost Page—Edit—Add Battery Widget—Finish

When you use the headset, you can view the remaining power of the left and right headsets and the power of the charging box on the notification page.

2. Separate two earphones and connect two mobile phones separately

After a device is connected to the headset, take out a headset, close the lid and open it, press and hold the button on the back until the indicator light flashes, connect with another device in Bluetooth settings, and select AirPods to complete the pairing.

3. Find equipment

Method 1: Open the “Find iPhone” App on the Apple device, you can see the location

Method 2: Siri, where are my AirPods.

4. Exclusive Bluetooth custom setting function of AirPods

Settings—Bluetooth—The “!” at the far right of the AirPods name—click on the name to customize the headset!

5. Change the name of AirPods

Same as above

6. Incoming call reminder

Settings—Phone—Voice prompt for incoming calls, just select “Headset only”.

Never worry about missing a call anymore!

7. Magic-“Shunfeng Ear” function

1). Settings—Control Center—Customize control, add “hearing” function.

2) Pull out the control panel at the top right of the screen, and click the “👂” standard.

3). Click on to open the microphone (real-time) radio function.

8. Voice volume adjustment

When you need to adjust the volume, “Hey Siri, turn up/lower volume”, Siri will adjust the headset to the relative volume.

9. EQ adjustment function


You can choose the playback effect that suits you

10. Intelligent adjustment of “volume balance”