A real opponent of Snapdragon 888! Samsung Exynos 1200 processor was exposed

According to reports, Samsung is testing a new Exynos processor.

GalaxyClub said that the Exynos processor model that Samsung is testing is S5E8825, taking into account the model of the Exynos 2200 processor is S5E9925.

It is speculated that S5E8825 will be named Exynos 1200, which is the successor of Exynos 1080.

Public information shows that Samsung Exynos 1080 was released in 2020. It uses a 5nm process and has a performance comparable to that of Qualcomm Snapdragon 888.

As the successor, the Samsung Exynos 1200 processor is either a 5nm process or Samsung’s new 4nm process.

Not only that, Exynos 1200 may use ARM’s latest V9 architecture and Cortex A710 and Cortex A510 architecture, and may even integrate AMD GPU.

Because Samsung was previously rumored to be developing a number of Exynos chips that integrate AMD GPUs, the possibility of Exynos 1200 integrating AMD GPUs is not ruled out.

Unfortunately, Samsung may not use Exynos 1200 on its own models, because Exynos 1080 has not been used on Galaxy phones or tablets.

Therefore, Exynos 1200 may be carried by Chinese mobile phone brands.