Amazon Gives Prime Subscribers Access to 100 Million Songs

Amazon today announced the expansion of Amazon Music, which is now almost fully available to Amazon Prime subscribers. Amazon is giving Amazon Prime subscribers access to the full catalog of 100 million Amazon Music songs, up from an initial 2 million available.

Amazon Prime subscribers don’t have unlimited on-demand access to Amazon Music tracks, but the full catalog is available when using shuffle mode. Songs are ad-free, and users can create playlists tailored to individual listening preferences. Shuffle works with any artist, album or playlist.

The experience will be similar to other services like Pandora, which offer radio station-based content rather than on-demand access to all songs. Amazon Prime’s new feature won’t compete directly with Apple Music, which does offer on-demand music, but it could lead to a switch for customers who prefer radio stations and playlists.

Amazon won’t charge Prime subscribers more to access Amazon Music, and Prime continues to be priced at $14.99 a month or $139 a year.

In addition to access to the full Amazon Music catalog, Amazon is also giving Prime subscribers access to popular ad-free podcasts and new Amazon-exclusive podcasts, full information available in Amazon’s blog post announcing the changes.

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