Android 12 beta 3 lands today with native scrollable screenshots, finally!

We’re getting much closer to the stable launch of Android 12. Today, Google is pushing out the third beta of the software, which includes a few notable new features.

The most exciting feature in Android 12 beta 3 is the new scrollable screenshots feature. Most users will be used to this as many Android skins offer this functionality. However, people who prefer stock Android or a skin that doesn’t support scrollable screenshots will be happy to see the feature baked right into the operating system going forward.

If you have already installed Android 12 beta 2.1 (or any of the earlier betas), you should see an OTA notification soon to update to beta 3. If you want to join the beta now, you can use a supported Pixel device. If you don’t own a Pixel, there are a few non-Google phones that work with Android 12, although it might take a bit longer for the latest beta to become accessible.

We expect there to be one more beta launch for Android 12 in August. That will be the final beta, with the stable version of Android 12 likely launching in late August or early September.

Scrollable screenshots


For most people out there, this feature would be nothing new. To capture a scrolling screenshot in Android 12 beta 3, you just initiate the screenshot function by pressing the power button and volume down button simultaneously (or using your usual method). Once you do, you’ll see the first image above. You’ll then quickly tap the “Capture more” button.

An interface would then appear that looks like the second image above. This will allow you to manually expand the area of capture. Once you’re done, you simply tap the big “Save” button in the upper left corner.

This is not really that much different from the scrolling screenshot features in Android skins such as Samsung’s One UI. It’s also not very different from third-party apps that allow for the feature. Having it baked right into Android, though, is certainly a welcome addition.

Other new Android 12 features


Another big new function is the introduction of on-device search, which Google is calling AppSearch. This is essentially an on-device search engine, allowing you to find data on your phone just like you would on the web. However, the kicker here is that apps will need to both opt-in and customize their apps for this to work. As such, it might be a while before you can really find anything on your phone.

In a previous Android 12 beta, we saw the introduction of privacy indicators. This feature sends you an alert (as seen in the image above) when an app is using your microphone or camera. The problem, though, is that the alert could cover important app controls, especially when you’re using your phone in an immersive mode. In Android 12 beta 3, Google is adding in more info for developers related to privacy indicators, so they can customize their apps accordingly.

Finally, the new Android 12 beta introduces face-based auto-rotate. This feature will use face detection to judge whether or not your phone should be in portrait or landscape mode. This will be especially useful for people who use their phones while lying in bed, which might confuse the usual gyro-based system.


We will be testing out Android 12 beta 3 ourselves today and will probably find more interesting new additions. Stay tuned!