Android 12 hardware requirements announced: RAM should be at least 6GB!

Google recently released the Android 12 ASOP, which will soon be pushed to Pixel series users, and now has released the Android 12 CDD compatibility definition document, including detailed hardware requirements.

Android 12 introduces the new Performance Level Standard or Performance Class. Manufacturers and developers can use this as a reference for hardware adaptation and optimization.

For example, turn on all functions and animations on high-configuration hardware, and appropriately streamline them to ensure smoothness on low-configuration hardware.

Memory capacity, read and write speed, screen resolution and pixel density, multimedia codec, camera resolution/start speed/video anti-shake/HDR, etc., these parameters have different regulations at different levels.


The key requirements for performance level 12 of Android 12 include:

1. At least 6GB of RAM

2. The screen resolution is at least 1080p, and the pixel density is at least 400PPI

3. Continuous read and write speeds are at least 250MB/s, 120MB/s, random read and write speeds are at least 40MB/s, 10MB/s

4. The rear camera is at least 12 million pixels, 4K30fps recording

5. The front camera is at least 4 million pixels, 1080p30fps recording

The biggest difference between Android 12’s performance level 11 key requirements is the relaxation of read and write speeds, continuous read and write at least 200MB/s, 100MB/s, random read and write at least 25MB/s, 10MB/s.

In the future, Android 13 will have a new performance level 13, while levels 12 and 11 will continue to be retained. And so on for Android 14.