Android 12 native game mode is exposed: it can record screen and display FPS

The Android 12 beta version has launched the Beta 1 version, which brings a brand-new interface, and the notification bar and control styles have been greatly changed.

According to the news, some developers found that the Android 12 system has its own game mode, which can unlock a series of new features after opening it.


The game mode “Game Mode” can be turned on in the settings, first you need to enter the “Notification” menu, do not disturb do not disturb-plan, you can see the opening options of the game mode.

After opening, you can see the new functions of the game mode, which can display the FPS frame rate, screen recording, screenshots, set the do not disturb mode, and live game screens.


The screen recording function of this interface can choose to perform system audio internal recording, microphone recording or simultaneous recording, and whether to record the screen touch points.

The game modes of other manufacturers’ systems are mainly to improve performance and provide assistance such as voice and control.

The introduction of Google’s native game mode will make it very convenient for game anchors to perform video streaming. In addition, the internal recording function also solves the problem that many Android systems cannot record internal audio.