Android Auto’s new beta program is now live, here’s how to sign up

Beta programs benefit users and developers the same. While fans get to test drive features before mass release, developers can gain important information on bugs and issues. Today, Google is opening up a new beta app program to the public. This time, Android Auto is at the center of it.

With the Android Auto beta program, Google wants to gain more data from users across multiple regions using different devices and vehicles. The company also requests that users share feedback of new features but not publicize those beta features until they’re available to the mass market.

As with most beta programs, you’ll need to enroll in the program first and foremost.


How to join the Android Auto beta

  1. Open the beta opt-in page.
  2. Select Become a tester.
  3. Head to Google Play Store and update Android Auto to the beta version.

But not everyone will have access to the beta. You’ll need a compatible car and a phone running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or newer. You’ll also need to reside in one of the 42 countries where Android Auto is available. A list of requirements is available at the link. It’s also recommended to join Google’s other betas alongside Android Auto to test drive the entire ecosystem.

If Android Auto is critical to your morning routine, it’s advised that you think long and hard before joining the beta. These pre-release app versions may feature more issues than stable builds. Of course, if you regret joining the beta, you can always revert.


How to leave the Android Auto beta

  1. Open the beta opt-out page.
  2. Select Leave the program.
  3. Uninstall the beta from your device.
  4. Reinstall Android Auto.

I hope these tips could help you, have a nice day!