Apple Glasses will be released? WWDC countdown 13 days

Apple has announced that this year’s WWDC will be held online on 6/7-6/11. As usual, this year’s WWDC 21′ will still focus on software platforms, so iOS 15, and macOS 12 will definitely be the first protagonists.

However, Apple is not without a precedent for releasing hardware at WWDC, especially the Memoji on all invitations this year are wearing a pair of glasses, which not only reminds many fans of the legendary Apple Glasses!


In fact, from the LiDar laser scanner equipped by Apple on the iPad/iPhone to the new AR interactive applet after each press conference, it is not difficult to see Apple’s determination to enter the virtual reality field, but Apple, which has always been steady, is definitely not anxious to bring immature products to the market. Now through the renderings provided by the media, we seem to be one step closer to Apple’s first AR (augmented reality) glasses.

It is said that Apple Glasses will, like other Apple devices, have its own chip built-in, support advanced independent computing and storage functions, and can be linked with other devices for more personalized operations. At the same time, its camera module is also a highlight, of which 8 are used to provide AR image support, 6 are used to provide innovative biometrics, and 1 is used for environmental monitoring. At present, the weight of the Apple Glasses prototype is about 200-300g, and the final mass production machine may be reduced to 100-200g, making it one of the lightest AR headsets.

There is much other news about other devices, including Macbook Air colorful version, AirPods 3, and Megasafe charging, let us wait and see.