Apple is accelerating development! iOS 16 expected to be released in June

According to the practice of previous years, Apple will hold the WWDC22 conference in June this year. At that time, the new generation of iOS 16 system will also officially meet with the majority of users, and how is the progress of this system?

According to foreign media reports, well-informed source Mark Gurman revealed that the development of iOS 16 is progressing steadily, and there are no problems encountered so far, and it will be officially announced at WWDC this year.


The source mentioned that this year’s iOS 16 will have major changes in the UI, while the system will be faster, and the convenience of system operation will also be Apple’s focus.

In fact, before this, someone has released a system page design that is suspected to be iOS 16. According to the screenshots, the widgets of iOS 16 will be further upgraded with richer functions.

It is understood that iOS 16 will have more feature-rich interactive components, which Apple will name InfoShack. With this set of components, users can access contact information directly on the desktop, adjust the screen brightness and even turn on the flashlight directly.

Therefore, with this set of small components, we can further save the step of “slide control center”. It is certain that iOS 16 will provide richer functions to further enhance the user experience.