Apple Music announces a special event, right after the WWDC keynote speech

In a video released on Apple Music, Apple predicted that a special event will be held at 12 pm on June 7, which is two hours after the WWDC keynote speech. This event is not currently on the WWDC calendar. It is related to Apple Music’s spatial audio. Apple has said that this event will be launched later this month.


Apple previously announced that in addition to higher-quality lossless streaming media, spatial audio supported by Dolby Atmos will be available to all Apple Music users in June.

The company has been promoting these new features on social media and in the Apple Music app. However, the special event mentioned for it has not been disclosed until the day before WWDC 2021.


Apple’s official keynote speech will start at 10 am on June 7th, corresponding to 1 am on June 8th, Beijing time.