Apple ruthlessly grabs Android users, Move to iOS can sync even Android APP

In recent years, Apple and Android manufacturers have been divided into two camps, and they are racking their brains to snatch each other’s users, launching various corresponding policies to attract users, including various methods such as using other brands to exchange for new ones and get additional subsidies.


In addition to economic measures, data transmission between different camps is also a key project, because as people rely more and more on mobile phones, a large amount of data that cannot be measured by money is stored. This is the biggest problem of the camp, which restricts user conversion.

In this regard, Apple has previously launched an Android application called Move to iOS. Android users can use this application to transfer the address book, calendar, email, photos, email, wallpaper, and other data of Android models to the new iPhone, many Android users took the opportunity to transfer to the iPhone after the launch of this application.

Now, Apple has further upgraded the Move to iOS and more data can be transferred.


According to media reports, in Apple’s latest iOS 15 system, some developers found that the Move to iOS application ushered in a comprehensive upgrade, which not only supports the previous address book and other data, but also supports the transfer of files, folders, and auxiliary settings, and many more.

The most important thing is that the current Move to iOS can also transfer the APP. The new version of the application will automatically scan the APP in the Android phone, and find the same APP in its own app store to install and download, saving users’ time and steps of the replacement to the utmost extent.

However, Apple has not yet adopted these updates in the iOS 14 version. They will be able to cover users on a large scale when the official version of iOS 15 is launched.