Around US$300! Realme GT Neo2 is equipped with a large battery and Snapdragon 870: The thinnest and lightest 5000mAh flagship phone

Realme GT Neo2 chose the Snapdragon 870+5000mAh+65W solution, which can be fully charged within 36 minutes.

This is a combination of flagship phones with both performance and battery life.

What’s more commendable is that while the realme GT Neo2 has a larger battery and a larger screen, the weight of the phone is controlled within 200g.

It may be the thinnest and lightest 5000mAh flagship phone.

In addition, realme GT Neo2 is equipped with a brand-new cooling system this time, which can fully release the flagship performance of the Snapdragon 870. The official said that its cooling performance has reached the ceiling level.

In 2021, the biggest bottleneck in the performance of flagship mobile phones is not the processor, but the heat dissipation. This time Realme has applied a brand-new black heat dissipation technology, which is worth looking forward to.

It is reported that realme GT Neo2 will be officially released on September 22, which will be a very competitive Snapdragon 870 mobile phone in the second half of this year.

The price is expected to be around US$300, and we will wait and see.