Awesome! Google will develop its own laptop and tablet processors

Recently, the Internet broke the news that Google is developing SoCs for laptops and tablets, using the ARM architecture, and plans to launch SoCs for their own laptops and tablets around 2023.

In order to better meet the needs of their own products, many companies realize the importance of their own processors and start their own research.

The same is true for Google. After announcing that the Pixel 6 series will use a self-developed processor for the first time, it began to develop processors for other devices.


According to two Google sources, Google was inspired by Apple’s successful development of the key processor for the iPhone. It also announced last year that it would convert the processors for Mac computers and notebooks back to its own products.

In Google’s job postings, I saw that Google is recruiting chip engineers in countries such as the United States and Israel.

It is reported that Google has recruited chip talents from its major suppliers (including Intel, Qualcomm and MediaTek).

In addition to Google, competitors around the world are also actively conducting self-research, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla and other companies, hoping to use self-developed processors to add value to their products and create differentiated innovations in the future.