Big Day! Vivo S10 will be launched today! Click here to get all the details!

Recently, Vivo officially released various information about the new smartphone, which made many young users look forward to the new product. Because this new product that has not yet been released is Vivo’s new generation of selfie flagship tailored for young consumers, Vivo S10. Now that the new product is about to be released, what are the particularly attractive features of this new phone? You might as well start from the various information that has been announced to see how strong the upcoming Vivo S10 series is.


First of all, the most attractive selling point of the product is still selfies. The previous Vivo S9 brought an impressive selfie effect with 44 million pixels and innovative designs such as micro-stitched light. As can be seen in the poster of the Vivo S10 series, the phone is equipped with a “soft light dual camera”. Obviously, it will go further in selfies.

In addition, the beauty feature of the Vivo S10 series seems to be different from the beauty feature in our perception, that is, natural beauty. The Vivo S10 series will definitely make the beauty more natural.


In fact, on the Vivo S9, there is already a built-in 3D five-fold super-texture beauty algorithm. The mobile phone will first model the face in three dimensions and perform calculations to obtain the best beauty effect, and then apply it to the photo. In addition, the mobile phone is also specially equipped with a side face beautifying algorithm, so that every angle has a very high value. These technologies will definitely be further upgraded on the Vivo S10 series models. In summary, the beauty of the Vivo S10 series is even more exciting.

In addition, we will find some product highlights in the existing posters. For example, the mobile phone’s three-camera solution looks the same as the previous generation. Of course, in addition to these, there are some places that are worth looking forward to. For example, the exterior design of the Vivo S10 series, judging from the current posters, the exterior is very similar to the Vivo S9. However, according to the convention, each generation of products will have innovations in appearance, such as the Monet diffuse color of the Vivo S7, the impression of the Vivo S9, etc., the appearance of the Vivo S10 series looks familiar and unfamiliar. I don’t know what kind of mystery is there?


There is a more important point, which is the body design of the phone. The Vivo S9 has set a record before. It has a high-specification configuration, powerful front, and rear cameras, mainstream battery specifications, and fast charging. At the same time, the thickness of the phone is only 7.35mm and the weight is only 173 grams. It can be called a model of thin and light mobile phones. Can the Vivo S10 break this record? Such product details can obviously not be confirmed through a few posters. I believe that this phone will bring us more surprises at the Vivo S10 new product launch.

The new Vivo S10 series will be officially released at 19:30 on July 15th. Let us witness its arrival together!