Big news! You can now store PS5 games on the external USB hard drive

The first major system update since the launch of PlayStation has been confirmed to be officially launched on April 14.

When players upgrade to the new version, one of the most important changes is that PS5 games can be saved to an external USB hard drive.

When you need to play, you can quickly install the game back to the host’s built-in storage via USB. This method should save more time than downloading or installing via CD.

It should be noted that this time players cannot directly play games on external hard drives like in the PS4 era. The main reason is that the USB hard drive is not fast enough, and the game still needs to rely on the high-speed built-in SSD.

As for Sony’s “certified” M.2 NVMe SSD expansion storage, there is no new news for the time being.

The new version will also add a “shared play” function, allowing PS5 players to share the game screen with friends using PS4, and even share the controller in a virtual way, allowing the other party to try or participate in multiplayer mode.

In addition, you can also choose to let the host download the game in advance when there is a game update, and can hide the game in the library. There will be some minor changes in the interface of trophies, friends, parties, etc.

At the same time, Sony also confirmed that the PlayStation app will be updated in a few weeks, when trophies comparison, PS Store work screening and other functions will be added.