Breaking News! MacBook Pro 16 will equip the exclusive top-end GPU and RAM options

Hey! Guys, as what we have already known so far, the leaks about the upcoming Apple MacBook Pro 16 are starting to increase in frequency as we apparently get closer to a release date. One of those sources of the frequent leaks has been offering some “exclusive” information recently, although some of it has actually already been mentioned several months ago. Like any leak related to the 2021 MacBook Pro 14 and 2021 MacBook Pro 16, the details reported below should be taken with a pinch of salt.

It appears that the MacBook Pro 16, because of its greater size, will be able to offer a much more powerful configuration than the MacBook Pro 14, which is certainly believable. Some people believe that the 64 GB RAM could be exclusive to the 16-inch model, although there is some disagreement among tipsters lately that there will even be a 64 GB option. Additionally, the MacBook Pro 16 will be the only device that offers the 32-core GPU variant of the Apple M1X chip. This particular SoC apparently has the potential to match an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU according to estimates offered up by Dave2D.


With all this power under the hood, the M1X MacBook Pro 16 will need a very efficient cooling solution. It has doubled down on the claim that a “single piece” rather than a “thermal block welded to a pipe” will be utilized for heat dissipation. The leaker actually stated this back in March but has now repeated the details as an exclusive.

There is no denying a MacBook Pro 16 with 64 GB RAM and a 32-core GPU M1X SoC would be an absolute performance beast, so a redesigned cooling system is hardly a great stretch to consider. According to the same source, an “around October” release date can be expected for the new MacBook Pro devices.