Bring you back to the past ages! OM Digital launches OLYMPUS PEN E-P7 retro miniature camera

OM Digital Solutions announced the global launch of the OLYMPUS PEN E-P7 miniature single-lens camera, equipped with “creative levers” and “art filters”. The camera specifications are based on OLYMPUS’s lightweight and miniature three-quarter system.

Equipped with 20 million pixel Live MOS sensor, 5-axis body anti-shake system, and high-resolution M.Zuiko Digital lens

OM Digital Solutions Corporation provides video and audio products, services and solutions. Since the spin-off of its imaging division business from OLYMPUS in 2021, OM Digitial Solutions Corporation has been newly established.

The net weight of the PEN E-P7 is 298g, and the combined weight of the standard zoom lens M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 EZ is about 430g.


The PEN E-P7 has an exclusive creative lever on the front of the fuselage. When the user holds the camera, he can instantly switch to general shooting mode and color/monochrome configuration control mode.

Use the “color configuration control” that can fine-tune 12 colors, adjust the saturation, shadow, highlight and shadow of each, as well as the “monochrome configuration control” that is essential for black-and-white photography with filter effects and film grain effects.

The color/monochrome configuration control each contains 4 configuration files.

In addition, there are more art filters in PEN E-P7 that support fine-tuning functions. In addition to the original “Intensified Tone Effect” and “Soft Focus Effect”, there are also newly added “Pinhole Camera Effect” and “Negative Film”. “Printing effect” and “Film effect immediately”, just move the fader on the touch screen, you can freely adjust the effect.

The PEN E-P7 has a built-in 5-axis anti-shock system with a 4.5-level shutter speed compensation effect. The camera also has an advanced face-priority/eye-priority autofocus function that can only be used with high-end OM-D series cameras.