Chrome 99 improves performance again, Speedometer surpasses Safari for the first time

Google announced today that Chrome 99, the latest version of Chrome browser on Mac, surpassed Safari browser in the Speedometer test for the first time, with a score of more than 300. Speedometer is a web response testing tool developed by Apple WebKit team, which simulates various interactions between users and web pages, and tests the responses of many well-known frameworks and browsers.

Since it is a testing tool produced by Apple’s WebKit, Safari will certainly take the lead in running scores to a large extent, so Chrome’s surpassing is a milestone. On its official blog, Google said that in the past few months, Chrome has many new technologies, such as ThinLTO, making it the fastest browser.

Google also said that it has been 15 months since the launch of M1 Mac at the end of 2020, and Chrome has increased by 43% in the 15 months. In terms of graphics processing, Chrome browsers are 15 per cent faster than Safari. The machine tested this time is MacBook Pro with M1 Max chip. In the future, Google will continue to develop innovative features for Chrome to push Chrome performance to the limit.

Of course, it would be better if you could use less memory.