Clubhouse App Data Breach Is Scary! 5 Steps to Delete the App Now

Recent reports showed that over 3.8 billion phone numbers have been leaked through the Clubhouse social network database. The attackers intend to sell all these data on the dark web before September 4.

Full details of the attack, including how to uninstall the Clubhouse app and protect your data, are provided below.

Thanks to the pandemic, digital activities have spiked nearly twice more than the average run time. However, this includes cyberattacks and hacking attempts. LinkedIn and Facebook both had their systems hacked, leaking over 730 million user data combined. The Clubhouse app also took a hit.


Clubhouse is a popular social media network that features audio-based communications. It is famous for two specific reasons. First, it has a highly exclusive interface, where new members could only be “invited in” by pre-existing members. Second is its communication systems, where people could “talk in rooms,” which is a unique feature only to Clubhouse social network.

A recent report added that Clubhouse expanded its social media network. The app is now available for download on Android devices. However, instead of receiving good feedback, Clubhouse is being criticized for exposing billions of phone numbers.


Clubhouse App Data Breach

As mentioned, Clubhouse uses audio-based communications. Most Clubhouse users sync up their accounts to their smartphone’s contacts, so they could easily “call” their friends. Hackers exploited this system in their attacks.

A Twitter post from Marc Ruef ignited the agenda. He said that the Clubhouse Full Phone Number database is being sold online in the Darknet. Also, note that even people who never used Clubhouse but have friends who use the app are also included in the data breach.

The hackers posted that they are “looking for one serious buyer” on the data. To prove their credibility, the hackers also published 83.5 million phone numbers from Japan-based users for unrestricted use to any member of the Darknet forum.

Hackers often use data like these to spam robocalls and scam offers. If you receive any suspicious calls from an unknown number, it is recommended to ignore them immediately.

Experts in the field advise that Clubhouse users change their passwords and apply two-factor authentication. Also, users should request that “personal information is removed from public access” to protect their data. Free News also fact-checked these reports.


How to Delete Clubhouse App

For users who are worried about the Clubhouse data leak, they can opt to delete the Clubhouse app account permanently and avoid the security risk altogether. Here are a few steps on how to do this.

  • Open Clubhouse app on the smartphone device
  • Open profile photo at the top right corner of the interface
  • Click on the gear icon or “Settings” button on the top right corner
  • Click on the arrow drop box beside the name and user ID
  • Click on “Deactivate account.”

After doing these steps, Clubhouse would bring out three message notifications regarding the deletion process. After reading through them, Clubhouse gives the user 30 days to revive the account (which is done by logging back in using your last username and password). If the user does not revive the account within 30 days, the account is deleted permanently.