ColorOS 11.3 completely releases the full performance of OPPO Reno6 Pro

After continuous use, smart phones will inevitably have problems such as freezing and slow response. The reasons include a large number of fragmentation problems after the use of memory and flash memory.

In addition to solving the problem of storage fragmentation, hardware configuration and system optimization are also essential.

Among them, OPPO Reno6 Pro is equipped with Dimensity 1200 processor and UFS3.1 hardware configuration, laying a solid foundation for the smooth performance of mobile phones.

OPPO Reno6 Pro mobile phone passed the 36-month system anti-aging performance test of laboratory, and reached the five-level anti-aging performance requirement.


Through the anti-aging test of Labs, OPPO is inseparable from the continuous software and hardware optimization of the Reno6 series. The optimization of the ColorOS 11 system is the key to keeping the system running smoothly.

ColorOS 11.3 brings to OPPO Reno6 series the intelligent “anti-stuck engine” technology based on system bottom-level optimization, which greatly improves system fluency.

The anti-jamming engine can not only intelligently optimize the bottom layer of the system, but also solve system jams from four aspects: mobile phone resource scheduling, resource mining, resource anti-aging, and abnormal optimization.

The engine can also use the phone’s idle time to automatically clean up system garbage and defragment disks, so as to truly maximize processor utilization.


The built-in intelligent “anti-stagnation engine” technology of the Reno6 series consists of the underlying optimization technology composed of AI application pre-launch, SuperTouch, quantum animation engine 2.0 and multi-core fusion algorithms.

AI application pre-launch is to learn the user’s usage habits and pre-load related applications in the memory in advance, so that the APP can be launched in seconds.

The SuperTouch function can identify the user’s key scenes, optimize the touch response speed, and further enhance the operation experience, so that the release of big moves in the game scene is faster and the response is more timely.