CORSAIR K65 RGB MINI has been on sale

CORSAIR officially released its first 60% mechanical gaming keyboard K65 RGB MINI, and also released a PBT two-color injection molded closed character keycap kit. Multiple color options can make the keyboard more personalized.

K65 RGB MINI is equipped with Corsair’s AXON super processing technology, which can reach an ultra-high polling rate of 8000Hz, and has 8MB onboard storage space that can store up to 50 configuration files. It uses CHERRY original MX red axis, each of which can be individually adjusted for back light

The USB-C interface can realize the separation of key and wire, which is convenient for users to carry. Although the 60% compact design is adopted, most of the functions of the full-size keyboard can be realized, thanks to the integrated function key combination from lighting adjustment to configuration file switching, quick macro recording to media control. The K65 RGB MINI comes with a replaceable CORSAIR LOGO button and a personalized light-transmitting space bar.


Users can also manage their equipment through the iCUE software of Corsair, which can fully customize the RGB lighting and synchronize the lighting of the fully compatible equipment, as well as multiple functions such as key function redefinition and macro programming. The software can go through simple step-by-step tutorials and real-time visual previews. Its powerful functions and simplified interface are very convenient and quick.

The new PBT two-color injection-molded closed character keycap kit released together with K65 RGB MINI has six color options, namely Supreme Black, Bright White, Storm Blue, Passion Red, Sweet Pink and Warm Green. The keycap has a 1.5 mm thick solid inner wall and comfortable surface treatment, and comes with an O-shaped rubber shock-absorbing ring, which can bring a quieter input experience. Users can create their own style of keyboard by changing the color of the keycaps. This keycap can be used not only for K65 RGB MINI, but also for K100 and K60 PRO series.