Dark mode vs Light mode, Which one to choose?

Dark mode saves battery

Physical limitations aside, a technological advantage of Dark mode is battery improvement. If you’re using a phone with an OLED screen, the screen turns off in places with pitch dark colors. This smart screen, that’s present in most high-end phones, is deemed to decrease battery usage by at least 10%.

Light mode keeping you focused

Text can be difficult to read on a dark background, causing you to squint, which may then cause issues with your eyesight in the future. Dark mode may be healthier for your eyes in general but it isn’t good for keeping you focused.


Even after all our reasons concerning health, battery savings, and more, we felt using a Light or Dark mode is entirely up to the person.

Dark Mode vs Light Mode

1. In people with normal vision (or corrected vision), the visual performance in light mode tends to be better;
2. For some people with vision loss due to cataracts, the dark mode may be better;
3. On the other hand, reading in light mode for a long time is likely to cause myopia.