Do ink screens enter the era of high brushes? ONYX launches its first electronic ink display monitor

Most of the LCD monitors currently on the market under the banner of eye protection only use technical means to weaken blue light and do not fundamentally solve the problem of eye protection. Since the LCD screen itself is still a luminous body, the light is direct to the eyes, long-term use will still make the eyes feel fatigued, tingling, dazzling, dry, and even soreness and tears. For users with eye diseases such as dry eye patients and myopia patients, it is even more of a disaster.


On May 28th, ONYX BOOX, a well-known ink screen manufacturer in China, launched two true eye-protection monitors, BOOX Mira and Mira Pro.

Both products use the Eink electronic ink screen. The ink screen itself does not emit light. Its light source comes from the diffuse reflection of ambient light, so it is more eye-protecting than LCD screens. It is a real natural eye-protecting screen. It is a boon for many network workers, especially editors, programmers, and people with eye diseases.

The 13.3-inch BOOX Mira is as thin as 5.8mm and weighs only 590g. Mira has a built-in dual-color temperature front light. The brightness can be adjusted through the physical button + scroll wheel. There are two types of warm light and cold light. The contrast can also be adjusted to make the content display clearer.

This product uses the BSR super refresh technology independently developed by Aragonite BOOX for the first time. It is known as the fastest Eink refresh technology currently, and the refresh speed is almost comparable to that of LCD computers! Mira is also optimized for afterimages quite well.


At the same time, the 25.3-inch BOOX Mira Pro electronic ink display is the largest EInk ink screen display on the market. It adopts an all-aluminum alloy body, which has a sense of design and fashion. The screen resolution is 3200*1800, and it can be used for a long time. It does not hurt the eyes, effectively relieves fatigue, and cares for the eyes.


From a functional point of view, the ink screen display has a monotonous picture, and the refresh speed is not as good as that of an LCD screen. It does not have its own operating system and can only be used to handle tasks that do not require a high refresh. But in terms of interactive comfort and eye-friendliness, the ink screen has a visual experience like paper, suitable for long-term use.


If you are also a long-term immersion in office, codewords, reading documents, writing codes, online classes, and browsing the web, this display will help you rescue yourself from the blue light.


It is worth mentioning that Mira and Mira Pro monitors support multiple operating systems such as Win10, Mac OS, Linux, iPad, Android, etc., and can be connected to desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets via data cables, allowing you to scan Weibo and read articles. You can get the same experience as reading a paper book when you read the news and browse the web.


In terms of price, the 13.3-inch BOOX Mira is priced at CNY4,699, and the 25.3-inch BOOX Mira Pro is priced at CNY8,999, which is expensive. From the perspective of eye protection, it may be worth considering.