Do you believe that? PUBG 2 will be Realistic Battle Royale experience

It is known that the PUBG has its own niche in the battle royale genre by featuring a modern setting and focusing on realistic gameplay. There has been news about multiple spin-offs and other games in development set in the PUBG universe from horror title Undawn to the new mobile game PUBG: New State. Whereas, a leaker is saying that there is a proper PUBG sequel that is also being developed.

The information is from the well-known PUBG leaker that goes by playerIGN. They claim that the inside source at developer Krafton gave them the information, and that the sequel will maintain PUBG’s modern setting and keep the gameplay grounded in realism. This makes sense as moving away from the modern realism that has made the first game so popular would be an interesting move for the series, especially when other popular battle royale titles like Apex Legends and Hyper Scape already offer futuristic battle royale experiences.

The post also refers that the team working on the game is comprised of original PUBG developers as well as some new blood that have worked on other battle royale titles previously. The post theorizes that keeping members from the old development team could indicate that the sequel is trying to recapture the gunplay and feel of PUBG, which would also make sense for the sequel to better capture the attention of fans. Definitely, it is also possible that the new developers have been brought on to help PUBG 2 incorporate some of the more popular features from other battle royales, or from even the very popular PUBG Mobile.

Provided PUBG 2 ends up being a reality, it will be interesting to see how the game’s community welcomes it. The battle royale genre has yet to receive a full sequel for one of its bigger titles, as most games in the genre have instead opted thus far to continuously update their title through seasons of additional content, including PUBG. It will also be interesting to see if PUBG 2 charges a premium price as PUBG did, or if it will go free-to-play to be more in line with its competitors like Fortnite and Apex Legends. Either way, it will be interesting to see what shape PUBG 2 takes in the future if the leak has any accuracy to it.