Do you know these camera maintenance tips?

Do you know these camera maintenance tips? These tips are very important for your cameras.

1. Moisture proof

Moisture-proof is a very important step. A humid environment will make the lens moldy and damage the camera. For professionals with a lot of lenses, the lens can be placed in an electronic moisture-proof box. For general moisture-proof measures, you can put the lens in a sealed bag, store it in the camera bag, or put a silica gel desiccant. In a relatively humid environment, you can use a waterproof case, otherwise, if the internal components are damaged by moisture, they cannot be repaired.

2. Dust proof

When changing the lens, put the buckle of the camera down. Because when changing the lens, the lens is removed, and the photosensitive element inside is exposed to the air, so it is easy to get dust. Put the camera buckle down to reduce dust.

3. Battery maintenance

Charge in time, don’t wait until the battery is completely dead and turned off. For the camera that is not used for a long time, the battery must be removed, and it is recommended to charge the battery every two months to make the lithium-ion active, which can effectively guarantee the use of the battery.

4. Cleaning

The lens of a digital camera is a very precise part. The lens has undergone a special coating process. Sometimes we accidentally get the lens dirty. Do not wipe the lens with your hands at this time, or use what you think is very soft to wipe the lens with a cloth or napkin, this will cause great damage to the lens