The best Tom Yum Soup recipe! Click here to learn!

I’m here to share the delicious food again. This time I’m sharing Thai food, Tom Yum Soup. I like this dish very much.


Lemongrass, lemon, southern ginger, lemon leaves, Tom Yum sauce, shrimp, squid, clams, milk (or coconut milk)


1. Pour the heated pan with cold oil, remove the heads of shrimps, and fry the shrimp to have red oil.

2. After the shrimp head has the red oil, pour in boiling water.

3. Throw the shrimp heads, add lemongrass, lemon juice, southern ginger, milk, and lemon leaves after the water is boiled, and finally add Tom Yum sauce.

4. After adding the above ingredients and stirring, add in clams, shrimps, squid, cook for about 2 minutes and the soup will be done.