Don’t panic, Nintendo Switch Pro may still be under development

Earlier this week, Nintendo released the Switch OLED model. Unfortunately, the new model does not have the long-rumored hardware improvements, including improved CPU and additional memory.


As reported, the release of Switch OLED does not completely rule out the existence of the rumored Pro model, which may only be a temporary model to cope with the continuing shortage of parts.

Interestingly, Digital Foundry analyzed the configuration of the new Switch OLED and reported that Nintendo will release an upgraded development model with additional memory. The latest news is that some developers are using the latest ADEV prototype sent by Nintendo, equipped with 8GB RAM. The current retail version of Switch (including Switch OLED) is 4GB.


Nintendo has released an upgraded version of the development model, which makes many people believe that the rumored Switch Pro model is still under development. According to previous revelations, Switch Pro will support new features such as TV 4K output.