Experience on Fenix E28R EDC Fast Rechargeable Flashlight

Speaking of the Fenix brand, people are not unfamiliar with it. It has already involved in many series of high-end flashlights, headlamps, camp lamps, bicycle lamps and so on. The products are widely used in military and police law enforcement, production and operation, outdoor adventure, daily application and other fields, with users in more than 100 countries around the world.Today, I have the honor to get this Fenix E28R EDC fast rechargeable flashlight which will be released soon. After passing the outdoor camping test for several days, I will share the experience results with you.




I would like to give an introduction on this upcoming Fenix E28R EDC rechargeable flashlight, it is still adhering to the Fenix brand consistent packaging style, black, grey, orange, white the visual effect of four color collocation, very conspicuous, front, back and both sides are printed on the product picture, description, barcode and so on main product information, clear and concise, hanging type of cardboard boxes, full of industry sense.





Open the Fenix E28R EDC rechargeable flashlight’s outer packing box, and the compact plastic storage box contains: E28R EDC charging flashlight ×1, 3400mAh lithium ion charging battery ×1, USB Type-C fast charging line ×1, flashlight hanging rope ×1, spare waterproof ring ×1, warranty card ×1, manual ×1, etc.


First of all, let’s talk about the E28R EDC rechargeable flashlight. It has a compact body design, a dark shiny body, small and delicate shape, and the whole is divided into two parts: the barrel head and barrel body.It is made of A6061-T6 aluminum alloy with HAIII hard anodized anti-wear treatment on the surface, which greatly improves the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the torch.Its external dimension: 109×26.5×22.6 mm, the torch contains batteries, the total weight of the rope: 102 grams, can be regarded as a classic small straight tube.


Looking at the whole and appearance of the torch, the surface of the barrel body is made of fine anti-slip grooves and longitudinal patterns, which can make the flashlight have better anti-slip and comfortable grip, and its heat dissipation effect will be better.It is designed with a 360° rotating detachable metal clasps that can be wayward buckled around the waist or on the backpack, which is convenient for all kinds of travel.



Look at the tail end of the flashlight, it is printed with the CE certification logo and the environmental protection logo. This “CE” logo is a security certification logo, which can be regarded as the manufacturer has the passport to open and enter the European market.The two sides of the ear protection on the tail are also CNC charmers with smooth edges. Two oval holes of about 2X5 mm are designed on each ear protection, which are used to put on the flashlight hanging rope, and the hanging rope will not affect the standing.




The neck switch of E28R EDC charging flashlight adopts one-button operation control.Press the button for 0.5 seconds to start up or shut down.Click the switch button to switch the brightness level according to the requirements of the scene. The energy saving level is 30 lumens, the low light level is 150 lumens, the middle light level is 350 lumens, the high light level is 800 lumens, and the extreme light level is 1500 lumens.Long press the button for 1.2 seconds, and the flashlight enters the flash mode of 1500 lumens, which can be used to suppress the other party, cause the other party to dizzy, destroy the other party’s sense of balance, and gain the first chance for their own safety and emergency situation.Double-click the button within 0.5 seconds, and the flashlight will lock or unlock.




For the E28R EDC rechargeable flashlight’s lamp, it USES a thin lens design, 94 ° angle of floodlight, according to the need of the scene environment to follow five switch gears brightness, make the thin lens shooting a softer lighting, is relatively uniform, radiation field is more wide, the visual effect is better, it can be suitable for reading at night and look into for the search.


E28R EDC rechargeable flashlight’s configuration is a LUMINUS SST – 40 cold white LED lamp bead, cold white light relative to a little more light than warm color, range will be farther as well, 1500 lumens, the range of 200 meters, looks not as comfortable as warm light, but if you use it in environment with many green plants, I think cold white light brightness is perfect.


Unscrew the barrel head of E28R EDC charging flashlight, and the rectangular thread and O-shaped waterproof ring at the bottom can be clearly seen. Its waterproof and dustproof effect is very powerful.The torch is designed to be IP68, waterproof for 2 meters underwater, so it can be safely used in storms.Look at the inner wall of the torch smooth as a mirror, its positive pole contact point is copper contact, the negative pole golden spring at the bottom of the battery compartment is clearly visible, the battery can effectively play the role of shock, fall resistance, impact resistance, can resist 1m high fall vibration.


It can be said that E28R EDC can be regarded as a typical lightweight portable charging flashlight. On the other side of its neck switch button is a USB Type-C charging interface designed to be waterproof, dustproof and sandproof. The flashlight can be charged by lifting the USB rubber protection cover.It comes with a 3400mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery (the flashlight is also compatible with CR123A battery). The battery life can be up to 73 hours and 35 minutes, and it can be fully charged in 3 hours.It is convenient and quick. The bright red light means that the battery is being charged, while the bright green light means the battery means the charging is done.



Its power is also clear at a glance, in shutdown state, as long as touch the neck switch, the battery indicator will light up, different state means different level of battery, the green light normally on: 100% ~ 85%, and a green light flashing: 85% ~ 50%, normally on a red light: 50% ~ 25%, and the red light flashing: 25% ~ 1%, so, you can make sure how much battery is left.



E28R EDC charging flashlight adopts high-performance industrial-grade components and advanced circuit design to ensure the stability of the output brightness and protect the safety of LED and internal components. It can work normally under the high temperature environment from minus 35℃ to 45℃.Its reliability, integrity, appearance level, torch size, weight, are very consistent with the need to carry.

Summary: This E28R EDC is a petite straight flashlight with the size of the 18650 type.It is configured with a USB Type – C quick charging, side button control, locking function, its size does not take much place, five gears brightness with flash, wide coverage, besides, battery life problem basically don’t have to worry about it.If you are a  outdoor lover, I highly recommend to you the E28R EDC rechargeable flashlight.