Foldable iPhones could be very expensive – landing after foldable iPads

Recently, a video maker imitated the future youtube folding screen iPhone, let us introduce to you the most complete information we know about the iPhone folding screen.

We’ve caught up with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, but the first foldable iPhone could be a few years away, and a new report suggests it won’t land until 2025 at the earliest, with the foldable iPad landing first, in 2024.

According to analyst firm CCS Insight (via CNBC(opens in a new tab)), the company believes that, right now, a foldable tablet makes more sense for Apple than a foldable phone.

There are two reasons for this, Ben Wood, research director at CCS Insight, told CNBC. For one, the foldable iPhone “has to be very expensive to not cannibalize the existing iPhones”, with the company predicting a price of at least $2,500 (about £2,220 / AU$3,970).

Second, Apple’s first foldable device risks technical problems, and Apple doesn’t want to risk a high-profile device like the iPhone, which could lead to a “feeding frenzy” from critics.

Wood does, however, believe that some sort of foldable device is on the horizon “because the foldable device trend is gaining momentum.” A foldable iPad is less risky than a foldable iPhone, and it also helps provide a solid foundation for the iPad lineup. “Inject new vitality”.

These are broadly convincing arguments, but they sound like more educated guesses than inside information, so we’ll definitely take all of them with a pinch of salt.

Still, numerous sources and even patents suggest that Apple is exploring foldable devices, so it may only be a matter of time before a phone or tablet is released, and it’s clear that any foldable device Apple launches will be very expensive.

Analysis: ahead of the game on tablets

While not mentioned here, foldable tablets could also prove to be a very attractive option for buyers, as it’s something other companies haven’t yet offered.

If Apple does launch a foldable iPad in 2024, it’s likely to be one of the first companies to offer a foldable tablet, so it probably won’t have much competition.

The iPad product line can also be said to need fresh ideas more than the iPhone. This year Apple gave the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max a fresh design, plus a new form of interaction powered by Dynamic Island, but for the just-announced iPad Pro 2022, the most notable change is simply a new Chipset, it’s a rather boring upgrade.

Right now, the best iPads are among the best tablets, but sooner or later Apple will need to change that if it is to maintain its tablet lead.

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