French version of iPhone 13 is equipped with EarPods earphones: Protect children and reduce radiation

iPhone 13 continues the practice of last year’s iPhone 12. In the name of environmental protection, the standard charging head and wired earphones are no longer provided, and the only accessories are data cables and card picking pins.

Even Apple is more radical this year, even the plastic film of the packaging has been removed and replaced with a paper tear-off seal.

Because of not sending the charging head, the Brazilian consumer protection agency has warned Apple that it will impose penalties and is proceeding with a class action lawsuit.


A French user broke the news that the iPhone 13 sold locally has become the most special in the world. Apple has adopted the form of double packaging, with an extra pair of EarPods white earphones.

Attentive readers should remember that the iPhone 12 last year was a similar practice in France. This is because the local regulations require that in order to protect children under the age of 14 from radiation, hands-free accessories, that is, headsets, must be provided.

Similarly, Apple did not directly change the packaging of the iPhone 13, but added a box containing EarPods on the outside.