Galaxy Chromebook Go LTE version is able to equip the marvelous new feature

According to the latest news, the Samsung has already launched a cheaper variant of its incredible Galaxy Chromebook series last month. The laptop PC is a looker and its $299 starting price tag is certainly exciting.

Samsung has confirmed there would also be an LTE model of the machine. Although that option still isn’t available, a new promotional video heavily suggests the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go with LTE might be a bit different.

Now, it’s possible that Samsung simulated this imagery and the LTE version of the Chromebook won’t feature a touchscreen.

Whereas, if it did, Samsung can have a nearly perfect Chromebook on its hands. With a great design, decent specs, a wealth of connectivity options, a touchscreen, and a price not much higher than the $299 of the Wi-Fi-only model, this hypothetical Chromebook could be a huge deal.

In true Samsung fashion, the Galaxy Chromebook Go’s promotion video is highly produced and full of great shots and effects. As expected, the LTE-enabled model looks just like the entry-level version but you get that addition of mobile data capabilities for those times you don’t have wi-fi or a mobile hotspot. Presumably, the LTE model will also be equipped with 8GB of RAM and at least 64GB of storage.


None of this is new information but as media points out, there is a very interesting tidbit around the 0:40 second mark of this video. Did you see it? It’s okay. Go have a second look. You clearly see one of the children touching the display as if they are doodling on the screen. This came as a surprise because Samsung made no mention of a touch display in the announcement nor does that feature appear on the spec sheet for the Galaxy Chromebook Go. This also means that there is a possibility that the Chromebook will be USI-compatible. We don’t know the pricing for the LTE model at this point but the addition of a touchscreen makes this a very intriguing device if Samsung keeps the MSRP relatively low.