Recommendation! Daewoo portable garment ironing machine is very useful

Nowadays, many garment ironing machines on the market are mostly used for household use, they are large and heavy, and they cannot be ironed for 2 minutes. So I have no confidence in the garment ironing machine until I encountered the Daewoo portable garment ironing machine and refreshed my knowledge of the garment ironing machine! A small body has great energy.

I like its folding handle design. It can be adjusted in multiple angles and can emit steam in all directions. It also has a good hand feel. The handle has a grooved fine grain design, which is good-looking and has a certain anti-slip effect. With a unique dual-core heating technology, no matter how wrinkled clothes are, they can be ironed as smooth as new quickly, and the ironing speed is really fast. Regardless of his small size, it can last for a long time. The 90ml hidden large water tank can last for 7 minutes. It does not need to add water frequently when ironing several pieces at a time. It is really good to use.

The penetrating power of ordinary garment ironing machines on the market is not that strong, but Daewoo’s irons have super deep penetrating power. The thickened and large aluminum alloy ceramics are made of ironing plates, and the thermal conductivity has become better. At the same time, it can take care of the clothes. Fast steam in 45 seconds, 360-degree steam out of 6 holes! The thermal conductivity and temperature resistance of ordinary garment ironing machines are difficult to iron instantly.