Good news! Google Assistant has made 5 small updates to help you find iPhone

I believe that many people have the experience of accidentally losing their mobile phones, right? Especially now that the unit price of mobile phones is getting higher and higher, if you don’t pay attention to let the mobile phone disappear, it will definitely make the user heartache.

Fortunately, Google recently announced that after the update of its smart voice assistant Google Assistant, it can also help find a lost iPhone across brands.

Although Apple has had the function of “find iPhone” for a long time, with more and more users of smart watches and smart speakers, searching for iPhone is not just a function of locating the location of the iPhone.


The smart voice assistant Siri can also receive the instruction to find the phone, and the iPhone with vibration and do not disturb mode can make a tinkling sound so that the user knows the location of the phone clearly.

However, because that function is so convenient, users who use Android phones can also find their phones through Google Assistant.

Now, according to Google’s official blog, after the update of Google Assistant, it can help find iPhone across labels.

As long as the iPhone being handed in has a Google Home connection with the Google device in advance, when the user can’t find the iPhone temporarily, they can use Google’s voice assistant to assist.

In addition, since more and more people began to order food and delivery services on Google in the past year, many restaurants began to add the “Order” button to their business information on “Search and Maps”.

In order to make online food ordering easier, Google Assistant can now help people easily complete it.


It is understood that when a user uses Google App to search for nearby restaurants, and chooses to order online, order and pick up, and click checkout, the assistant will automatically navigate the website and fill in the information you saved in Google Pay and synced to the Chrome autofill function. Contact information and payment details.

Google is currently cooperating with several selected restaurant chains and expects to add more restaurant chains in the United States later this year.

It is worth mentioning that many people in Europe and America will have gardens and sprinklers in front of their homes.

Now that the Google Assistant is updated, when the sun goes down, it will automatically turn on the lights in the living room and start the sprinkler, which is quite convenient.