Gurman: Apple is improving the Siri experience that doesn’t require a “Hey Siri” trigger phrase

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is developing an updated Siri experience to get rid of the trigger phrase “Hey ‌Siri‌” currently required to invoke the digital voice assistant hands-free.

In his latest Power On newsletter, Gurman said Apple is working on making ‌Siri‌ able to understand phrases and commands without triggering the phrase with “Hey ‌Siri‌, but simply saying “‌Siri‌.” The change is expected to roll out sometime next year or 2024, Gurman said.

The company is working on a plan to remove “hey” from trigger phrases so that users only need to say “Siri” along with a command. While this may seem like a small change, making the switch is a technical challenge that requires a lot of AI training and basic engineering work.

The complexity involves Siri’s ability to understand the singular phrase “Siri” in many different accents and dialects. Having two words – “Hey Siri”

-Gurman also reported today that Apple is working to further integrate Siri into third-party services and apps to provide users with more context and assistance. increases the likelihood that the system will receive the signal correctly.

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