Acer Aspire S3 is the first choice for high-efficiency office work

This thin and portable Acer laptop is really awesome. It’s only 15.9mm, 1.2kg! It is especially suitable for me who sometimes need to go on business travel. It is too convenient to carry!

This notebook not only has a 14-inch high-definition screen with 86% of the screen ratio but also has a blue light shield technology that can effectively filter blue light, which can relieve myopia or fatigue of the eyes. It is really good, not to mention its color top configuration-100% sRGB full-level high color gamut and 300nit brightness light that can maintain vivid colors.

And it is also a laptop certified by the Intel Evo platform.

The running speed is really fast and the 16 hours long battery life is pretty impressive.

The computer mode can also be adjusted, just press the Fn+F key. In addition to the silent and balanced mode, there is also a performance mode. Once the performance mode is turned on, the office efficiency will be greatly improved.

And the fingerprint unlock can turn on the computer in two seconds, which is really pleasant.