Honor Play5 using experience, it’s quite satisfactory

The Honor Play5 has been used for a while, and this phone is generally quite satisfactory. Let’s talk about this phone specifically for everyone:


1. Screen

With the OLED screen, the overall quality performance is not bad, if it can support the 90Hz refresh rate, it would be great.


2. Charging

Charging is also a feature of this mobile phone. The charging power icon of 66w has almost no other mobile phones in this price range. Charging 60% in 15 minutes is not a dream.


3. Battery life

The battery capacity of this mobile phone is 3800mAh. Compared with other mobile phones, the battery capacity is really small, but because it does not support a high refresh rate, and the system optimization is better, the battery life is still very effective. , 14% of the power will be lost if the game is played continuously for one hour.

4. Taking pictures

Taking pictures is OK, especially the main camera is quite satisfactory.


5. Processor

The processor is Dimensity 800U, many friends think this processor is not very good, when I actually use this phone, it feels okay, not as exaggerated as everyone said. It is no problem to run the daily software, the speed of opening the software is also very fast, and the heat control is good.

Honor Play5 is mainly aimed at offline users. Offline users are more inclined to look and feel. Honor Play5 captures these two points. In general, this phone is not bad.