3 tips to teach you how to choose the right smartphone

Basically, there are 3 things you need to pay attention to.

1. The chip

The most critical component of a mobile phone is the chip, which is like the human heart. Whether a mobile phone’s performance is strong or not depends on whether its heart is strong or not. However, the release time of the processor and the degree of newness and oldness are not a measure of the performance of the processor. It is not necessarily that the newly released processor is necessarily stronger than the previous generation of processors.

Take the Snapdragon 888 processor as an example. Although this is Qualcomm’s most advanced 5nm process chip, it has overturned in terms of power consumption, and serious heat generation is also a major problem.


So when choosing a mobile phone, the first step is to pay attention to the processor, but the chip release time is not the only measure. Although the chip just released may not be the most powerful, the chip two or three years ago is definitely out of date. Therefore, it is still necessary to choose among the chips released in the past year.

2. The screen

Although AMOLED screens have gradually become the mainstream screen material, this does not mean that LCD screens are necessarily worse. AMOLED screens can make the picture quality and colors more beautiful, but it also brings the harm of damaging the eyes. Even though many mobile phone manufacturers have specifically developed DC dimming technology, this still cannot fully compensate for the shortcomings of AMOLED materials.

Although LCD screens are inferior in contrast, they are more friendly to human eyes. So when paying attention to the screen parameters, you need to consider them according to your own situation. If you are more concerned about the resolution and display effect of the screen, then the AMOLED screen is definitely a better choice, but if it is for children to choose a mobile phone, then the LCD screen is slightly better. It’s not that AMOLED screens are necessarily better, and such a conclusion is also untenable.


3. The camera

Although some mobile phones have 4 rear cameras or even 5 rear cameras, there are two or three cameras that are made up. That is to say, only the key 2 or 3 cameras are really useful. Therefore, the camera’s quantity does not explain the problem.

For example, the Mi 11 Ultra mobile phone has a 3-camera design. Don’t look at its small number of cameras, but every lens can act as the main camera. That is to say, the Mi 11 Ultra mobile phone has 3 main cameras. Camera lens, this is the existence of the ceiling level of the mobile phone image.

In addition, the pixel value of the lens does not determine the camera performance, 100 million pixels is not necessarily stronger than 64 million pixels. When comparing the camera performance of mobile phones, the most important thing to pay attention to is actually the CMOS sensor. Photography professionals often say one sentence-the bottom level is crushing to death, and this sentence also applies to mobile phone lenses. When the size of the sensor is larger, the lighting area of ​​the mobile phone lens is larger. The quality of the image is determined by the light. Therefore, a good sensor is key. Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra use the Samsung GN2 sensor, which is the biggest in the industry. If you want to pursue the ultimate camera performance, these two models are good choices.


After reading the above introduction, have you learned how to choose a mobile phone?