How to turn on crash detection on Google Pixel 7

Google added collision detection to the Pixel 3 years ago, and it still exists on the Pixel 7. But what confuses me is that it is not turned on by default. This appears to be a major oversight by Google. But it’s easy to open and definitely something you should open.

Basically, crash detection will detect when you crash. It will then vibrate, sound an alarm at maximum volume and ask if you need help. If you don’t respond, it prompts you to call 911 and provide your location and crash data. Very simple and absolutely useful.

Since it’s not enabled by default, here’s how you can enable crash detection on Google Pixel 7.


What is Crash Detection?

Crash detection is a feature Google added to the Pixel 3 back in 2018. Although Apple has done a lot of work to add it to the iPhone 14 in 2022. Anyway, it’s basically your phone using a bunch of functional sensors to detect if you’ve ever been in a car accident.

This feature does require some permissions such as location (always), physical activity and microphone to work. Using your phone’s location, motion sensors, and nearby sounds, it can detect if you’ve been in a car accident. Google does mention that your phone may not detect all crashes, and high-impact activity may also trigger emergency services calls.

It actually works very similar to the iPhone 14, but it doesn’t seem to have as many false positives, which is a good thing for Google.

Where does Crash Detection work?

Crash detection doesn’t work everywhere, but it works in many countries. These include: Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States.

It is also available in the following languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, French (Canada), Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish.

How to turn on crash detection on Google Pixel 7?

To turn on crash detection, you need to open the Security app on your Pixel, not the Settings app.
If this is your first time opening the safety app, you’ll be asked to log in, set up emergency contacts, and a few other details like your blood type and more.

After that, you will see the screen below. Scroll down to find the “Crash Detection” section and click “Turn On”.


From here, you’ll see another screen showing you what Crash Detection actually is. You can even try a demo of it in action.


And you’re all set. Now Crash Detection is on, your Pixel 7. If you do a factory reset or switch phones at all, you’ll need to do this again.

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