Huawei bids farewell to Android, Harmony OS HyperTerminal is confirmed

Recently, there are more and more news about Huawei Harmony OS, mainly because Yu Chengdong has previously announced that Harmony OS will debut in April, when Huawei mobile phones will also be upgraded to the new Harmony operating system.

So when will Harmony OS debut? Huawei will hold a developer conference in Shenzhen from April 24 to 26. As the name suggests, this conference will focus on in-depth discussions on technology, ecology, and software.

Not surprisingly, the Harmony OS mobile version will be unveiled at this developer conference. For the long-awaited fans, this is undoubtedly great news, because mobile phones equipped with Harmony OS will soon be available.


It is worth mentioning that many developers have now received the push of Huawei Harmony OS Beta3.0, and some netizens broke the news that the Beta version of Harmony OS has a “super terminal” function.

The so-called “super terminal” function allows users to automatically connect to almost all smart devices equipped with the Harmony OS system, such as Huawei mobile phones, smart screens, tablets, speakers, computers, cameras, etc. near the user.

Simply put, as long as the Harmony OS device is used, the user can connect the devices in a simple way to form a collaborative work scene.

To give another example, for example, users can directly push relevant content to nearby computers, tablets and other devices on a mobile phone equipped with Harmony OS. This is an important capability provided by Harmony OS multi-terminal collaboration and multi-terminal circulation.

Taking the user taxi scenario as an example, Harmony OS can achieve collaboration through mobile phones and watches, thereby enhancing the user’s travel experience. When waiting for online ride-hailing, there is no need to frequently look at the mobile phone, and the watch will also display vehicle information in real time.


There are many similar scenarios provided by Huawei. In the future, it will build a set of ecology with home scenes, office scenes, and travel scenes. The experience is very good, and it can provide users with countless convenient and fast usage scenarios.

However, there is a closed loop in this, that is, if you want to experience the “super terminal”, in addition to the mobile phone equipped with Hongmeng OS, other devices around you also need to be equipped with Hongmeng OS, so there is still a certain threshold to experience this new function.