I bet you don’t know these useful functions of the Huawei phone!

Do you really know these interesting and thoughtful functions of Huawei mobile phones?


1. Smiley face capture

Turn on the camera, swipe right to set, and enable smiley capture.

When taking a selfie, open the smiley capture, it will automatically recognize the facial expression of the subject, when a smile appears on the face, the phone will automatically press the shutter to record the sweetest moment.

2. Smart wifi

Enter the settings, find WALN, choose WLAN+.

After turning it on, the phone will automatically record the wifi password and location you have connected to, next time you go to this place, the wifi connection will be automatically opened, and the wifi connection will be automatically closed after leaving.

3. Glove Mode

Enter the settings, find Smart assistance, choose Glove mode.

You can touch the screen without taking off your gloves in winter!

4. Text scanning

Open the Notes, select text scanning.

No need to download additional scanning software, you scan documents easily.