This set of accessories for the tablet is so neat~Highly recommend that!

Wireless keyboard: Its keys are very smooth, and its sensitivity is good. I sometimes have “accidents” when typing fast. This shortcoming is almost negligible!

Tablet protective cover: it can perfectly fit the tablet, the size is right, and the workmanship is exquisite

Wireless mouse: It is a battery version, the seller also gave two batteries, the seller is too careful, its flexibility is great. The conversion head is also very powerful! I originally planned to buy a Bluetooth wireless mouse so that I don’t need to plug things into the tablet, but the Bluetooth version of the mouse will be more expensive.

And the protective shell has a suction buckle, which can fix the keyboard, when you usually carry it, it is also super convenient, the keyboard can be wrapped in the protective shell~ The gift stickers can make the keyboard more cute.