Instagram test revision includes full-screen video! It named TikTok as a strong opponent

Instagram intends to change its main image of “photo sharing” in the past, and embrace more video format content, such as adding full-screen video recommendations to posts.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, has renamed TikTok and Youtube as strong competitors. Changes are bound to be made to cater to user needs.

Mosely shared a video on Twitter that Instagram is no longer an app that only shares square photos.

According to the survey, users hope to achieve the purpose of “entertainment and leisure” on Instagram.

Therefore, in order to meet public expectations and trends, more video-related functions will be added to Instagram.


Mercery specifically named a few opponents, “To be honest, the competition is very fierce now, TikTok is very strong, and YouTube is even bigger, and there are various other start-ups.”

Therefore, Instagram is testing how to incorporate more video content into the user experience, such as full-screen, immersive, entertaining, and mobile-based videos.

This will be a huge change for Instagram, and it also shows that TikTok’s rapid rise has forced Instagram to rethink the company’s future policies to enhance competitiveness.

Instagram launched a new “Reels” short video feature last year, which is seen as a head-to-head confrontation with TikTok.