Inventory of practical and good things like 100w+ on TikTok.


As TikTok became popular, various opening methods emerged one after another.

Seaweed dance, animals that became refined after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, beautiful young ladies, ci miles ci miles… This 15-second short video software can always get what you want.

In the eyes of Mai and Yu, TikTok Amway’s practical household artifacts are even more tempting to grow grass.

1. Cooker for Egg

I wonder if the students have such troubles?

Some people like “hot spring eggs” and others like “boiled eggs”, and the elderly like to eat hard-boiled eggs.

It’s hard to adjust, and the degree of rawness of eggs is hard to control . The magical egg cooker can perfectly solve this problem.c4de4d03deef950efe1a7b7b716da7ea-2

▲Three states|Whole raw, half cooked, full cooked

The egg cooker is a high-quality resin “shell”, let it wrap the eggs and put them in the pot.

The color from yellow to white represents the eggs from raw to mature, and different colors represent eggs with different tastes.4da0e6271eeea028bb8906348779c248-2

▲Reference price: 30 yuan / a treasure for sale

You no longer rely on luck to cook a “boiled egg”. Observe the text signs and color changes, and decide what kind of egg yolk you want.

2. Rotating vegetable basket / drain basin07b6701aedac3143beed642c18daa257-2

There are two problems with conventional filter basins.

One is that it cannot meet the need for soaking, and the other is that it will soak the countertop after draining it.

The 360°rotating drain basin can meet the needs of cleaning, soaking, draining, and storage at the same time .ea615da5169f9835e89ce9be7116fc73-2

The inner dish is drained and the outer dish is stored , and the cleaned fruit will not be soaked on the table and placed directly on the table.

The detachable design makes it very convenient to pour out the water easily by holding the “ears” at both ends after draining.

 ▲Reference price: 19.8 yuan / a treasure for sale

The thickness of the material reaches 3mm, and the environmentally friendly wheat fragrant particles make it more slippery and tough.

The edge opening is designed to act as a temporary trash can , and residues such as fruit cores can be thrown into it.

3. Small washing machine / portable9e81f51a47fdfaffe8e28e27ffb6cbb5-2

At first, it appeared under the label of “dormitory artifact” , but it can also meet these needs.

In summer, clothes are changed frequently, and the machine washing is wasteful for a long time; it is not convenient to wash clothes when traveling on business; personal clothes are not suitable for machine washing.

The powerful motor power 800 rpm simulates machine washing operation, which is its working principle.

The washing effect is no different from the machine washing. With the timer socket, the washing is more intelligent, so you don’t need to clean it.d804507e7fbb1088d32dfa0757b0ea45-2

 ▲Reference price: 259 yuan / a treasure for sale

A washing machine that can fit in a backpack weighs only 2.9kg.

The adjustable buckle can be moved to achieve water volume control , and there is a water level scale mark on the main body.

15 minutes of quick one-click cleaning, highly recommended to those obsessive-compulsive students who “hand wash too tired and machine wash waste”

4. Shake the rice ball artifact / molde3e8435e710921ee9503191f5ae68bbb-2

Children seem to have no resistance to rice balls by nature.

This is a mold artifact that allows children to DIY rice balls. Shake them to get round “dumplings”.

Pour the ingredients and rice into the mold and shake it for 5-10 times to get three rice balls.

As long as you have a big brain, you can combine a variety of different nutritious rice balls, and you won’t bring them for a month.fca1aa7b5963df893075407f78109a34-2

 ▲Reference price: 9.9 yuan / a treasure for sale

To make the ingredients fast, soft hot rice can increase the success rate. In addition to rice balls, it can also be used to make meat balls , sushi, vegetable balls and other round food.

5. Folding kettle / Nathome4c3ea1503122ea9e9342d89664077f9c-23c6e01e7b218322dae54cce165f3f104-2

You can pack it into your backpack and you can get on the plane. Who says you can’t drink hot water unless you’re at home? Take a hot water bottle with you, and remember to drink plenty of hot water for the revolution when you go out .

Foldable body and handle , less than 10 cm height after folding.

The power cord and the pot body are designed to be separated, which is convenient for storage and has no obstruction to pouring water.cb7504cfdd4dfe9a20f618c3e56043ea-2

 ▲Reference price: 239 yuan / a treasure for sale

Food-grade silicone material, in line with the US Food and Drug Administration FDA standards.

100~240V dual voltage configuration, multi-function conversion plug, suitable for more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

6.Nano sponge wipe/Meisterkoch

Nano sponge wipe, also called magic wipe or Klin wipe .

Macromolecule nanostructures, fine materials and small particles are the guarantee of high-strength adsorption.657937ce02509068c3c247fcd3681a04-2d3693c500d875254dae8acdfb1bb84cb-2eaed11f95613cadc39d58967a124fd90-2

Cleaning artifacts that can be used by spraying water, old stains, oil stains, and mixed stains are all its powerful decontamination “objects”.

▲Reference price: 17 yuan / a treasure for sale

Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, keyboard, or white shoes, it can completely remove stains.

High toughness materials can arbitrarily cut into the desired shape, various corners of the gap and ensure the best use.

7. Labeling machine/Tepra6778cfd1f48d034ce031fe84077ae55f-2

Home classified storage artifact , this is a label printer from Japan.

It is good at classifying daily necessities and organizing the home in an orderly manner.bd755e0cc0e53351615052971bec301c-25a6a29f201884c13aac780042ec45c9b-2

The operation steps are simple and easy, and the corresponding functions of the buttons are also clear at a glance.

I saw Miss Amway on TikTok more than once, suitable for all students who like to organize .ba89a5f97c3125e2928301aaca80dfef-212e63eee1ddd69eb10225f3dbd54ea32-2

▲Reference price: 239 yuan / a treasure for sale

The label machine that can be put in the pocket, the label paper used is also Japanese paper high-value tape.

49 kinds of frame templates, a variety of pattern symbols, 7 kinds of fonts are optional , DIY experts can freely combine the desired label paper.

8. Waterproof umbrella / Umbrella4c7c7a4d3541ffb29ae211446406fbde-2

The difference between this umbrella and ordinary umbrella is that it has a “waterproof case” .

The most embarrassing thing on a rainy day is the wet umbrella, crowding the subway for fear of getting people around, or going home for fear of wetting the floor.

An umbrella with a “waterproof cover” can perfectly solve the problem of “nowhere to put”.

When you don’t use an umbrella, the waterproof cover is a quiet folding umbrella cap. After it is used up on a rainy day, fully unfold the umbrella cover to prevent rain from wetting the ground , and the drain is more convenient for drainage.


▲Reference price: 29.9 yuan / a treasure for sale

The umbrella surface is made of 190T high-density water-repellent material, and a variety of colors are available. The large umbrella surface that can accommodate two to three persons and 16 high-quality alloy ribs can adapt to all kinds of extreme weather .

9. Mini sealing machine / dual use for opening79e4ca82b2859472a8631a6805e42682-2

After having this sealer, meeting with potato chips again is still so crisp.

Salt bags, sugar bags, potato chips bags, fresh and dry food sealed bags, and various food packaging bags can be packaged arbitrarily .

The heating wire heats the packaging bag to achieve the sealing effect, which is the working principle.

The design that can both seal and open the bag makes those very “tear-resistant” packaging no longer difficult for the ladies.d50bcd5f6f23c6113c6175415e240fe6-2

▲Reference price: 29.9 yuan / a treasure for sale

This sleek, cute machine is composed of 24 parts.

The anti-mistouch and anti-scald settings are all controlled by components, the back magnetic can be attached to the refrigerator, and the leather lanyard is easier to carry.

10. Pancake machine / non-stick pan bottome3667a73369a0c8eba03b790f094ff59-2

Spring rolls, braised pork rolls, roast duck noodles, hand-cooked pancakes, all kinds of pancakes can be made.

For students who like to eat noodles, it is more like a customized “pancake stall” .

The recipe for making pancakes: 60g flour / 100g water / one egg.

This ratio can produce about 10-12 pancakes, with a moderate thickness for the best taste .8311d310dfd01d485982270117fedece-27cc0355c5ab415b629d8fa46c4cd5609-2

 ▲Reference price: 69.8 yuan / a treasure for sale

Power-off protection that stops when overheating, and constant temperature control reflects safety.

The chassis surrounds the heating in all directions, and the 600W power guarantees 10 seconds to heat up and 15 seconds to cook the cake .

What good things have been “planting grass” for students on Tik Tok, please leave a message in the comment area to add, and those who are willing to share are the cutest!